Matt F’ing Damon Is Back



And he’s got Clint Eastwood backing him, this time. Eastwood (in his 80’s!) has directed a new flick about MATT FUCKING DAMON being a psychic trying to avoid his past as a psychic. It all looks like Oscar-bait material, but who knows? It could be a compelling story.

I often forget that Damon won an Oscar for some shit he did, back in the day. The day when he wasn’t making multiple Bourne flicks and flicks that looked exactly like Bourne, but were not.

Well, here’s hoping that Eastwood can pull a quality performance out of him, a la Raimi with Keanu.

Here’s the stupid trailer that made me gag.

Ohhh! Matt Damon is so emotional and deep! Oooooo!

Fuck it. I hope it’s good. Eastwood has earned my respect and I’ll give this a shot, anyway.

Be well.



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