Thank You.

Update: Teaser trailer at bottom!

Great news, everyone! Pardon me while I geek out over this.

I’m a big fan of Hatchet. Sure it wasn’t the “game-changer” that some refer to it as. But it was exactly what the tag-line said “Old School American Horror”. It was a bloody and exhilaratingly fun return to the classic slasher flick.

We’re finally getting the sequel, with the original director and Kane as Crowley.

What’s really fucking amazing is that we’re also getting a limited UNRATED theatrical release.

What’s even more fucking amazing is that the Lou will actually be showing it.

There have been limited releases that never hit here. You either have to drive to Chicago or you’re out of luck. So, it’s nice to know that we have official word that the AMC West Olive 16 will carry the film on October 1st.

It’s rare for any film to get an unrated theatrical release, nowadays, so this is refreshing news. Show your support and meet me there!

BTW, do you like the classic poster, up top, or this new one better?

Seriously. Thank you.

I prefer the simplicity of the classic style.



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2 Responses to Ohhhh….Yessss!

  1. Spawn says:

    I just recently saw the first Hatchet film, and I had a lot of fun with it. I just hope that they don’t take that formula and put a bunch of “tardy” on it. I suppose we’ll see.

    • Nix says:

      The director, Adam Green, did another flick called Frozen. Haven’t seen it, but sounds like it was a real departure from Hatchet. ie: less “fun” and more intense. Guess Hatchet is his playground, so I have high hopes.

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