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The geek hype has blown over and I was finally able to watch Kick-Ass.

I’m not sure what the big hubbub was about. I guess it’s just because it was yet another adaptation of a comic book. Seriously, Hollywood, I think we’ve hit critical mass with the goddamn comic book movies. It has lost its appeal. Thor? Really? Agh!

Sorry. I actually enjoyed KA (I really don’t want to type “ass” over and over). It was a bright, colorful and glossy flick that never took itself too seriously. And that’s important to note, because I was hoping they might deal with the consequences of taking justice into your own hands with a little more in depth.

Sure, KA gets beaten a couple times and a major and entertaining character is offed, but the movie never once tries to take place in “reality”, where we live. You are always reminded that it’s just a harmless movie.

That’s fine. There are some good laughs, especially from Nic Cage’s Big Daddy character (love his Adam West impression), and some nice visuals. It just seemed like the movie couldn’t find its focus, as if there were 3 stories (which there were) and the writer couldn’t decide which one he wanted to flesh out. So, he just threw in bits and pieces of all of them.

I had a good time with it, so I’m not gonna bitch, too much.

If I had to rate it from 1-5, I’d give it 3 1/2.


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