I’m Sorry. What?

This is Voltron

This is not.

Any questions?

Do we really have to go the Bayformers route on this one, guys? Do we have to make the lions look like starving alley-cats? Does it really have to take place on Earth, for fuck’s sake?

What is wrong with the original idea? How did it gain such a huge fan-base if you think it needs to be “fixed”? I just don’t understand.

Your proposed story is terrible and this art will not be helping the situation.

Stop. Just…stop it. Please.

Anybody got anything else to say? (and you can click to embiggen the pics, btw)


About Nix

Dreams are hauntings in our heads.
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2 Responses to I’m Sorry. What?

  1. evologynow says:

    I like the old one too. It’s what we grew up with, why mess with that?!

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