My Time To Waste -My Soul To Take-



Fuck you, Craven.


My Soul To Take

Just got back from an advance screening of Wes Craven’s new flick. Going in, I was hoping we’d get Nightmare Craven instead of Deadly Friend Craven. What I got was…Bizzaro Craven.

MSTT centers on a boy named “Bug” and 6 other teens that were all born prematurely on the same day. It’s also the day that a serial killer was offed. And then came back. And then offed. And then came back…What the hell are you trying to do, here, Mr. Craven?…And then disappeared into the woods.

Now, 16 years later all the kids in this small town gather at the site where the “Ripper” was last seen to perform a ritual. They build a large Ripper puppet (the only creepy aspect of the film) and one of the teens has to send it back to the river. I’ve never seen teenagers this organized over something so stupid as fighting a puppet. This year, though, the police interrupt the ceremony before Bug (who is scared out of his wits by a large puppet) can send him back.

I bring up that Bug was scared because it is forced in our face by having him say it out loud, after they run from the police. He claims he was up all night because of this. He also states that because he didn’t finish the ritual that the Ripper is going to kill them. The kid is SIXTEEN YEARS OLD.

Soon, the seven teens are killed by what appears to be the Ripper, one by one. Did the Ripper survive 16 more years and bide his time before coming to get the children? Or is it one of the seven premies? You’ll have to watch the movie to find out.

I wouldn’t recommend that, though. MSTT is full of insurmountable problems. And the post-converted 3-D isn’t even one of them. The story never fully develops any of its ideas. Was the Ripper simply a schizophrenic (which is not even correct. He had multiple personality disorder.) or was he possessed by 7 spirits? I don’t even think the movie knows the answer to that question. But that’s just one problem.

An even bigger issue is that all of the characters seem to come from another planet. No one acts like a normal human being. Not even the adults. Everyone spouts confusing sentences at each other and do the most bizarre things. This town has a 12-step program with 16 year old kids in it? Why was the kid in that program? It’s never explained because that line was only thrown in so we know he couldn’t have been drunk and fell off a bridge. Really? I guess once you’re in a 12-step program you never relapse.

And none of the characters are developed at all. I nearly forgot that Bug even had a sister until she popped up at the end to provide more exposition and move the story closer to its’ conclusion. My god, Wes, what has happened to you?

This movie feels like it was supposed to be the new Scream. I hate to say it, as I did not like the Scream series, but Craven just proved that the only reason those movies worked was because of Kevin Williamson’s writing ability. The audience was laughing at lines and actions performed throughout the running time. Not what you should be hearing at a straight-up horror flick.

It feels like this was written and directed by an amateur. The editing is choppy and the film is confusingly put together. The only thing that actually works is the PC-3-D. Yes, I said it. The 3-D is very well done, but it’s used in a film that doesn’t benefit from the extra dimension. There was no reason to apply the gimmick to this film, other than to get a few more dollars from the poor fools that will have to pay for this thing.

BTW, you know that shot in the trailer of the hand coming out of the wall like a Frightener? It is not in the movie. Don’t let the marketing fool you. No matter how many visions Bug has (that are never explained or explored) this movie is strictly a slasher/mystery. And a bad one, at that. To make matters worse, the bloodshed is minimal. I have no idea why this received an R rating.

Wow. I know I didn’t pay but I feel like I’m owed something back for having sat through this.

Rating: 1 out of 5

Nix says: A failure of epic proportions. Everything that could be done wrong (except the 3-D) is, in fact, done wrong.


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12 Responses to My Time To Waste -My Soul To Take-

  1. Horror News says:

    Good review! I have not seen the movie as of yet but hope to see it very soon! I will post my review within the next few days though.

  2. Jessica says:

    Nix I followed your link(even tho I knew better than to do so)but given the few extra minutes that I had this afternoon I made the decision to click the link from your comment on about Scream4 and the interview done with Mr. Craven(as you prefer to call him).
    Tho I can appreciate one’s opinion no matter of whether or not I personally agree with it.. I do however find fault In your technique and choice to use the vastly popular attention and media/viewers easily felt and seen anticipation of Mr. Craven’s upcoming Friday opening of Scream4…along with the well formatted, nicely written interview done by Eggbesters of his time spent with Mr. Craven in speaking of Scream4.. Your tacky taking advantage of such just to push your mediocre at best opinion of Mr. Craven’s “My Soul To Take” which is obvious pure negativity from the start is offensive and angering at my now having wAsted my time spent on such ludicrous tacts taken by an amateur who knows no better than to bash a man that has 40 years worth of reputation that speaks for itself at what a superb talent that Mr. Craven truly is. Is he perfect, with never having made a mistake or an err in judgement?? Absolutely not, nor does he claim or even begin to demonstrate himself to be any type of perfect director/creator, but as I said his 40 history more than speaks positively for Mr. Craven and his work.

    So, Niz why not do yourself and all of us a favor and remove your SPAM from the vastly popular and will only continue to grow in terms of number of hits to BD’s interview Re:Scream4.. I mean really do you feel ok with using such an obvious lacking in judgement, as well as Scream-ing that “Nix has zero class, nor integrity” of tacts with which to bring yourself a few random hits to this mediocre at best, hate And anger filled, sense of entitlement couple of paragraphs that u have managed to put together ^above^???
    Do us all the favor of self-editing and removing your SPAM you posted on ‘s site.


    • Nix says:

      Dearest, Jessica,

      If you DID take the time read my “review”, you’ll see I was hopeful and wanting good Craven. I did not get that.

      As for using B-D to generate a few measly views, I’m a long-time B-D’r and have linked here, before. I also used to write useless trash for another site that has been around for many years. YOU type like a litigious Hollywood suit. I type like a movie fan that was disappointed with the product I received.

      Thanks for checking out the page, though. Be well.


    • Nix says:

      Oh, and my original point was that Craven didn’t return with Scream 4 (that cute little 4 as an “A” is a nice touch), he “returned” with MSTT. You might have missed that, as you are focused on my “slanderous” take on the film I saw, which was terrible.

  3. Jessica says:

    Again it is from the website that you chose to tact-LESSly post your SPAM linking to this pathetic opine ^above^.

    Have a little respect and remove your SPAM from !!!

    For any of those like myself who erred in their better known judgement clicked on Nix’s attempt at mooching off of Mr. Craven’s hard work and much due attention that he is presently receiving Re:Scream4 just like a blood sucker from a lame horror flick would do in his SPAM posting on!!

    Let him know just how lame and classless he as well as his opinionated blurb above truly is… Hoping you expect No respect from your opinions, your talent at throwing a few paragraphs together, and intelligence of knowing how to blog on wordpress… Please do everyone the favor or REMOVING YOUR SPAM FROM

    Integrity is not bestowed upon one.


  4. Lynne C. says:

    Directed to the commentary above… Jessica. Wow. Em, so…. before you decide to try and rip someone a new one just for expressing an opinion (which, last time I checked, is not against the law…), perhaps you should consider going to a crash course on grammar and learn to argue in a manner that makes some semblance of sense.

    I’ve been reading Nix’s site for a while now, and enjoy the fact that he freely expresses his personal views on the movies he’s seen. He has every right to do so, and people like myself enjoy reading these reviews.

    As for using BD’s website – he had every right to mention whatever he wanted to in the comments. If BD doesn’t like it, I’m sure they’ll take it down.

    Keep writing, Nix!!!

  5. Nix says:

    Thanks to the faithful that spoke their minds. Don’t let Hollywood try and take over the interwebs!

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