To Geek Or Not To Geek, Dammit.

Luther the Geek (1990)

So, I’ve been wanting to review Luther The Geek for years and never got around to actually watching it, again, until recently. If you’re unfamiliar with the film, it involves a creepy man with metal teeth who makes life miserable for simple small-town folk, while clucking like a chicken.

And that’s pretty much the whole movie. Not a lot happens, actually.

And that is where I’m having trouble finding a way to make it work as an in-depth Quarantine entry. There isn’t much depth to it, at all.

If there were, say, film clips on the Toobs, that would be helpful. You can try to describe a grown man creeping about a farmhouse in search of his victims while clucking like a chicken, but it just doesn’t convey it in a suitable way as actually seeing and hearing it.

And the only reason to sit through the whole thing is to get to the last 15 minutes or so. Okay. I guess I have to go ahead and write this damn thing. Here we go…..

Again, I am amazed at the lack of easily available information on this movie. I remember reading all about the trials and tribulations of getting this movie made and released. It was extensively covered in either Fangoria or Gorezone (Fango’s much missed sister mag) and yet I find no entry in Wikipedia except under other entries.

Believe it or not, this movie was talked about by horror fans as a lost treasure simply because it was unable to be seen. I think that all changed once we finally got to witness it firsthand.

It doesn’t start off too bad. A deep and imposing “over-voice” informs us of the tragic history of carnival geeks. They were people so down on their luck that they would bite the heads off of live chickens for alcohol. Then….Well, the movie begins and we’re in for our first signs of trouble.

(Months later…) I give up. Luther has been in jail and some crazy bitch thinks he has paid for his crimes (which I think are murder) and they let him out. While he was in jail he made some metal teeth. He tears peoples throats out and then gets to the farmhouse.

Ummm…. Some chick shows her tits and people are all excited about that, for some reason.  Luther runs around clucking like a chicken. The mom of the naked chick finally takes him out by also clucking like a chicken, making him think she wants to mate, or something. She shoots him. He is surprised she isn’t a chicken person, after all.

Wow. What a terrible movie.

I wish I could share the scene of chicken seduction, with you.


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2 Responses to To Geek Or Not To Geek, Dammit.

  1. Is the chicken seduction scene as good as the chicken fuck scene in “Pink Flamingos”?

    • Nix says:

      There’s a big difference between the two scenes. Flamingos aimed to gross you out and succeeded in a hilarious way. Luther aimed to creep you out and failed in a hilarious way.

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