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This Is What Constitutes “BAD”? -Green Lantern

This is more of a rant, than a review. I’m sorry. Just reading all the negativity about a silly movie about aliens and magic rings made me question my critical brethren’s reasons for watching films, at all! If it’s total crap, great, be mean. But if it works with some things, but not all, ….. Fuck it. Stop WANTING to hate movies. Continue reading

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Nice Hat – The Green Hornet

I guess everyone else thought Kato just got off drawing himself. I dunno. They all look the same, you know. Continue reading

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My Time To Waste -My Soul To Take-

This movie feels like it was supposed to be the new Scream. I hate to say it, as I did not like the Scream series, but Craven just proved that the only reason those movies worked was because of Kevin Williamson’s writing ability. The audience was laughing at lines and actions performed throughout the running time. Not what you should be hearing at a straight-up horror flick. Continue reading

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Ass: The Movie

Ho boy. You might remember me admitting to completing my RE movie collection and stating I would probably go see Afterlife. Allow me to reiterate my stance on the RE movie franchise: I saw the first RE at a sneak … Continue reading

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And Then The World Exploded

If you’re an Alex Winter fan, you’ll recognize that quote from one of his early short films. His output has been few and far between, but he’s still out there plugging away. Hell, he even got me to watch a … Continue reading

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